Overfloor Heating

Warmboard Overfloor Heating

WARM-BOARD utilises a 15mm or an 18mm high density dry screed board which acts as a heat conducting surface transferring the heat from the pipes to the heated floor above.

With its low build up height and ease of installation WARM-BOARD is ideal for most underfloor heating scenarios. WARMBOARD is suitable for all floor coverings.

WARM-BOARD uses a unique patent pending End Support system, which helps to secure and support both the floor covering above, and the pipe work within. WARM-­BOARD can be fitted directly above concrete or floorboards in both retro fit and new construction applications, with the potential for the direct application of tiles to the board; with its versatility, it offers a quick and easy installed solution.

The WARM-­BOARD 12mm MULTI-­PEX 5 layer pipe, is laid from the chosen manifold location in a serpentine pattern, and secured at pre-­grooved 150mm* pipe centres within the WARM-­BOARD. The pipe is then supported by the End Support with its self-­retaining pipe locking system, enabling a quick one man installation.

Dependent upon the floor covering, different floor finishes can be applied to the WARM-­BOARD, these include, carpet, laminate and vinyl. The type of floor covering will affect the maximum heat output of the floor heating system, typically 83 W/m2**.

An optional intermediate layer should be laid on top of the WARM-­BOARD, that being, our 10mm dry screed board, or a 6mm ply board. This intermediate layer is required prior to laying carpet or laminate floors.

As an alternative, a carpet can be laid direct to the WARM-BOARD, this is possible if all gaps around the recessed pipe work are filled in to form a level surface, achieved by applying a self levelling compound. TUS always recommends that, insulation is to be fitted below the floor heating system to reduce downward heat loss***

*For 12mm diameter pipe, the maximum floor coverage is approximately 11m2 with pipes laid at 150mm apart. * For 10mm diameter pipe, the maximum floor coverage is approximately 9 m2 with pipes laid at 150mm apart. **This is based upon an intermediate 6mm ply board layer followed by tiles. [Based upon calculations from BS EN 1264 part (2) ***Provided by others-­ In accordance with Part ‘L’ of the current Building Regulations, to ensure that any downward heat loss does not exceed 10W/m2, in accordance with BS EN 1264.