Extending an existing UFH system?

If your customer already has underfloor heating and is considering adding new or additional zones, there’s a number of things to be aware of…so here’s a quick check list for you…


Is the current heat source large enough?

The property’s existing boiler or heat source may already be up to or close to capacity with the current heating and hot water set up, so it’s important to consider what the impact of adding additional heating zones may have on it.  


Positioning of the manifolds and the route to and from the underfloor heating zones. 

When adding new underfloor heating zones to an existing property the location of the manifold is crucial. Ideally the manifold will be placed within or close to the new zones, so that lengthy connections back to the manifold are avoided. This can be particularly complex if the pipework needs to run through areas where existing pipework is already in place as running new pipe through existing floors can be tricky and costly. 


Ensure that ground floor manifolds are not used for heating upper floor heating zones.

This can lead to problems with venting air out of the pipework and should be avoided. 


Can an existing manifold be used? 

If an existing manifold has spare ports available and new zones can simply be added to it, it will remove the need for adding additional flow and return pipework to the boiler or heat source. 


Can new thermostats be added to an existing wiring centre?

If you’re adding extra heating zones it’s important to consider how they will be controlled. Each new zone will require it’s own thermostat. If this can be added to the existing set up it will reduce cost. However, this may not be straight forward or even possible without channelling into existing walls, a disruption the majority of customers will want to avoid. Wireless control options are worth considering in this instance.


There may also be other modifications to the existing underfloor heating system depending on the specification.

Always check with your supplier before you start the work!

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