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Underfloor Heating


Why Should I Install Underfloor Heating?

As demand for underfloor heating systems continues to increase, it underlines the importance for plumbing and heating installers to embrace UFH…

…and offer supply and installation solutions to their customers or miss out on a growing and potentially lucrative sector of the UK’s heating market.

Below, we list a number of reasons why heating installers, if not already, should consider adding underfloor heating to their portfolio of services:


Increased Demand – The UK underfloor heating market has been growing at a steady pace for many years and is predicted to continue to do so over the next decade.

An increase in the number of systems for retro-fit applications has meant that underfloor heating is not limited to only new build projects and is now a viable option for the growing number of individuals and companies operating in the renovation market also.

At some point in the not too distant future it’s highly likely that most, if not all, new build properties will be built with the inclusion of an underfloor heating system. As it stands, large scale housing developers typically still opt for traditional radiator systems in the majority of their developments.

However, with the governments focus on removing gas boilers in new homes from 2025, renewable heating products such as air source heat pumps present themselves as an obvious alternative. Alongside heat pumps, underfloor heating systems provide developers and homeowners with an energy-efficient heating system that offers a numbers of advantages over traditional gas boilers and radiator systems.


Get Ahead Of Your Competition! – Despite the growth of UFH in recent years, there is still a surprisingly low number of plumbing and heating companies in the UK offering underfloor heating to their customers.

We are frequently asked by homeowners for recommendations of UFH installers in their area. Often they have contacted a number of local plumbing and heating contractors only to find out that many do not offer underfloor heating.

By adding UFH supply and installation to your portfolio of services you are gaining an obvious advantage over your competitors and maximising the potential for winning more work.


Increased Order Values – The cost of an underfloor heating system can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds depending on the size and type of system required.

By combining the UFH system with the supply and installation of the boiler/heat pump as well you could increase the overall earning potential of the job by a sizeable amount!


Easier to Install Than Radiators – Most underfloor heating systems, contrary to popular belief, are simple and quick to install.

Ground floor screed systems can be installed particularly quickly once an installer is experienced and has developed efficient installation techniques.

We always recommend using a supplier who provides an indemnified UFH design service. By following a detailed pipe layout you will ensure the system is installed correctly. It will also allow for a quicker and more straightforward installation.


Happy Customers – Our experience tells us that homeowners who make the switch from radiators to an underfloor heating system are generally very happy and rarely, if ever, look back.

As UFH offers a number of benefits over radiators including increased energy efficiency, reduced running costs plus greater levels of comfort and control it’s not hard to see why end users prefer UFH to traditional heating systems.


No Qualifications Required – At present there are no formal qualifications required to install UFH and, therefore, no barriers to start installing. However, we would recommend that anyone who wishes to install underfloor heating attend a training course/s before jumping in.

The installation of an underfloor heating system is not as complicated or difficult as many people believe. However, there are certain practices and industry accepted standards that should be followed to ensure a quality installation is provided.

A number of free and paid training courses are available from product manufacturers and suppliers. At TUS, we offer our own free training courses which are designed to provide would be installers, or perhaps those with limited knowledge, with information about underfloor heating system design and installation.

Article by:
Mike Beck
Managing Director at TUS