UFH System Focus: RetroTherm® LITE

Pipe in screed systems are the most commonly installed underfloor heating system due to the speed and flexibility of installation and the excellent heat outputs and efficiency achievable. 

Our RetroTherm® LITE underfloor heating solution uses a 20mm high density XPS foil faced (100mu) insulation board and 16mm pipes to create a thermal mass transferring the heat to the floor above.

Suitable for both retrofit and new build applications, the low profile panels are super-responsive and provide excellent heat outputs whilst keeping floor height build up to a minimum.

The RetroTherm® LITE system is complimented when combined with hard floor finishes such as tiles and laminates as they provide less heat resistance than carpets. Tiles can be laid directly onto the panels (which should be neat-primed first) using a flexible tile adhesive (ensuring structural integrity is not compromised)

Low profile overfloor systems have become increasingly popular in recent years as they have enabled home owners to enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating in existing properties. 

Whilst predominantly used in retrofit applications, RetroTherm® LITE also provides an alternative to pipe in screed systems in new homes on ground and upper floors.

At just 20mm in height, the RetroTherm® LITE panels can be laid directly onto an existing concrete floor or floor board and accepts a variety of floor finishes. 

The RetroTherm® LITE is a “one-piece” panel and features a unique pipe return design built in to help speed up installations.

The system uses 16mm PE-RT UFH pipe and the panels are grooved at 150mm centres making them suitable for use with low temperature heat sources such as ground and air source heat pumps as well as gas boilers. 

RetroTherm® LITE - Trade Underfloor

The RetroTherm® LITE panels can be used with a variety of floor finishes including tiles, laminate, LVT, engineered wood and carpet. 

Regardless of the choice of floor finish, we recommend adding a layer of Pro Level Ultimate self levelling compound (6mm minimum for tiles, 10mm minimum for other floor coverings) on top of the panels once the installation of the pipe and panels and system pressure test has been completed. This provides extra stability to the floor and provides an even surface for the final floor finish to be laid onto. It also helps to enhance the output from the system. 

It is possible to tile directly onto the panels without using a levelling compound. In this instance it is recommended that the panels are neat-primed first before using an S2 tile adhesive.

The RetroTherm® LITE panels are extremely lightweight yet super-strong boasting an impressive 500kPa compressive strength.

For more information about installing the RetroTherm® LITE system into your next project please download the installation guide or call us on 01283 850040 or email info@tradeunderfloor.co.uk

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UFH System Focus: RetroTherm® LITE

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