UFH System Focus: JoistDeck®

Pipe in screed systems are the most commonly installed underfloor heating system due to the speed and flexibility of installation and the excellent heat outputs and efficiency achievable. 

JoistDeck® is our foil-faced chipboard panel that is pre-grooved to accept 16mm underfloor heating pipe at 150mm centres. It offers high thermal performance and is intended as a direct replacement for a standard chipboard or plywood floor board on top of joists.

This means an underfloor heating system can be added to upper floors, or indeed any joist floor, quickly and efficiently during the build process in both new build and retrofit projects.

Once the panels have been laid directly onto the floor joists, the underfloor heating pipe work can be installed into the pre-routed grooves before being covered with a 9mm ply which is recommended to reinforce the structural integrity of the board.

The panels have been specifically designed with pipe spacings at 150mm to ensure they are compatible with low temperature heat sources such as ground and air source heat pumps as well as high temperature gas boilers.

Our standard JoistDeck® panel is 2400mm x 600mm x 22mm with a 50mu foil-faced covering although other thicknesses are available on request – please contact us for more info.

There is also an option to have an XPS layer bonded to the panel depending on project requirements.

Key Benefits of JoistDeck® UFH panels:

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Does not impact on floor height
  • Multiple thickness available
  • High levels of heat retention
  • Simple installation in place of standard chipboard or plywood flooring
Joist Deck Installed 2 - Trade Underfloor

*Images above show JoistDeck® installed on a first floor in a new build project courtesy of Unequaled Heating Ltd.

JoistDeck® is a very cost effective method of installing underfloor heating. The cost of one JoistDeck® panel is approximately only 15-20% more expensive than a standard 2400x600x22mm chipboard panel. When comparing this to other joist and first floor underfloor heating systems it can be considerably more cost effective overall.

For a more detailed quote for your project please contact our sales team on 01283 850040 or email info@tradeunderfloor.co.uk

Want to know if our JoistDeck® is the right system for your next project?

UFH System Focus: JoistDeck®

Installation Guide

Joist Deck LR scaled - Trade Underfloor

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