Underfloor Heating Pipe

Our Range of Heating Pipe

MLC Pipe

Our WRAS approved PERT-AL-PERT underfloor heating pipe is ideal for use in underfloor heating systems, thanks to its formstable construction.

Made from a 5 layer composite material using PE-RT as the inner and outer layers coupled with a 0.2 mm thick aluminium core with butt welded construction. Maximum operating pressure 10bar; maximum operating temperature 70°C.

Available in 16mm x 2mm size, 100m, 200m & 500m coils.

PE-RT Pipe

Our PE-RT pipe is made of a specially modified polyethylene – PERT type II, with a unique molecular structure and composition which ensures very good thermal stability, high degree of mechanical strength up to temperatures of 90ºC and a good long term hydrostatic strength behaviour.

Suitable for use in underfloor heating and cooling systems as well as other heating applications, our PE-RT pipe comes in 100m, 240m and 500m coil options.

PEX-a Pipe

Our 12mm PE-Xa barrier pipe is suitable for use in underfloor heating and wall hung Radiator systems.

It is ideal for fitting to castellated panels or direct to insulation the PE-Xa pipe can be easily bent into position and held in place with clips.

The properties of PE-Xa pipe make it the most flexible PE-X pipe on the market and offers a better resistance to stress than other PE-X pipes thus avoiding the risk of kinks or bottlenecks which reduce the flow and allows the optimisation of the installation process.

Available in 80m or 240m coils.