Suitable for both retrofit and new build applications, RetroTherm® FLO is a multi-directional panel that suits any underfloor heating design.  

We offer two options – RetroTherm® FLO12 and RetroTherm® FLO16 depending on the available floor height.

The RetroTherm® FLO12 system uses a 12mm PE-Xa pipe and can be covered with screed as low as 20mm in total making it a fantastic option in renovation projects over existing solid floors.

The RetroTherm® FLO16 system incorporates a 16mm pipe within the 20mm panel (height) and takes a screed covering of up to 40mm.

Advantages of the RetroTherm® FLO system include:

*Self-adhesive backing to aid quick and secure installation of panels;
*Enables laying of the underfloor heating pipework without clips;
*Rigid structure to prevent pipe falling out;
*Metric graduation for easy size adjustment.

*Images above courtesy of Green Heat Renewables Ltd.

Installation is faster and more flexible than other low profile panels systems due to the multi-directional nature of the panels.

The panels are formed with 50mm spacings to provide ultimate flexibility in both design and installation. This allows for easier routing of pipe, particularly in tricky areas such as those between zones or in corridors where there are multiple pipe runs side by side.

The panels are simple to lay and additional assistance is provided from the self-adhesive strips on the back of the panels which help to keep them in place when being laid. It’s important to ensure that the sub-floor has been cleaned and all debris and dust removed prior to laying the panels however.

For use with the RetroTherm® FLO system we recommend ProLevel Ultimate self levelling compound which is suitable for use with both the RetroTherm® FLO12 and RetroTherm® FLO16 systems.

For more information on our RetroTherm® FLO underfloor heating systems please call us on 01283 850040 or email info@tradeunderfloor.co.uk

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