Pipe in screed systems are the most commonly installed underfloor heating system due to the speed and flexibility of installation and the excellent heat outputs and efficiency achievable. 

This system is most commonly used in new floors either in new build projects (predominantly on ground floors) or in renovation projects where the existing floor has been removed to add insulation improving its thermal properties.

The benefits of installing a pipe in screed underfloor heating system are:

  •  Easy and efficient installation
  •  Most cost effective underfloor heating system to install
  •  Can be laid with a variety of screed depths and types
  •  Offers the best heat output of UFH systems

There are two popular methods of fixing the pipe to the insulation boards when installing a pipe in screed system. The most common and cost effective method is to use our pipe clips or staples, as shown in the images above. Using a tacker gun, clips can be installed quickly and with the minimum fuss.

For additional assistance our clip rail can be used to help maintain consistent spacings when laying the pipe. Typically this may be installed in a row at the top, middle and bottom or an area and pipe clips are used in between to hold the pipe in place.

However, certain installers choose to use clip rail as the primary means of fixing the pipe and use clips solely for pipe bends or in transition areas.

Compared to panel systems where the pipe runs are pre-determined by the grooves in the boards, pipe in screed systems are generally quicker and easier to install as the pipe is free-laid and therefore it is quicker to navigate transition and tricky areas such as between rooms and through corridors where there are multiple pipe runs grouped together.

Pipe in screed systems also allow different pipe laying patterns to be followed and the images above show examples of a serpentine pattern (left) and a concentric circle or spiral pattern (right).

A variety of pipes can be used in this type of system. However, the most commonly used in residential projects is either 16mm pipe PE-RT or 16mm MLC pipe. In some larger commercial projects it is not uncommon to see larger pipes of 18mm or 20mm used.

Examples of pipe in screed systems that we have designed and supplied include The Cornyard project in Sheffield and a 1200m2 ultra-prime new build home in Yorkshire.

For more information about installing a pipe in screed underfloor heating system into your next project please download the installation guide or call us on 01283 850040 or email info@tradeunderfloor.co.uk

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