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Underfloor Heating


UFH for Upper Floors?

Whether you are renovating a property or are working on a new-build and considering UFH, it’s useful to understand the advantages of installing UFH to upper floors as well as the ground floor.

In addition to maximising available floor space, it’s actually a much safer option for children’s bedrooms than traditional radiators. And by installing it throughout the property you will also improve the overall efficiency of the heating system. Underfloor heating should only be considered when the insulation and airtightness of the property has been addressed and is sufficient to ensure this type of heating system is suitable.

A sound underfloor heating solution for an upper floor should be straightforward, lightweight and there should be no or little height build-up – meaning that it is either concealed in the floor deck or a lower profile system that is laid on top of the deck. It also needs to be flexible, thus offering the option to either install from below after the floor deck has been laid, or over joists before the deck is down.


These are the most popular underfloor heating systems for upper floors:

1. Metal heat transfer plates with insulation between joists – such as our Aluminium Heat Spreader Plates
2. Low profile pre-routed boards – such as our Warmboard Overfloor


Choosing the right underfloor heating system is vital for upper floors and at TUS we will work from your plans to provide you with the required calculations and the most suitable and straightforward system for your project.


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