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Underfloor Heating


The Sustainable Choice!

Heat Pumps are the perfect partner for an underfloor heating system. Find out why these two heating technologies go hand in hand…

Heat Pumps are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional fossil fuel heating systems because they are a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat a room or building.

There are mainly two types of heat pumps available:

Air Source Heat Pumps – An Air Source Heat Pump is an efficient and environmentally friendly way of heating your home or workplace using air drawn from the atmosphere. It works in a similar way to your fridge where heat is removed from food and released to the atmosphere through the metal coils on the back of the fridge.

The Air Source Heat Pump reverses this process by removing heat from the outside atmosphere and releases to your hot water and heating system inside. It can be used to provide heat for underfloor heating, radiators and warm air convectors, and it will supply all of your hot water requirements.

Ground Source Heat Pumps – A Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) extracts heat from the ground by circulating fluid through pipes that have been buried into the ground in vertical boreholes or horizontal trenches. They concentrate heat by using a vapour compression cycle, and they transfer heat into buildings to provide heating and hot water without burning fossil fuels.

A well designed GSHP system provides the lowest running cost of any heating system as it uses a small amount of electricity to transfer a large amount of naturally occurring heat from the ground into a building.

The Advantages:

Both type of heat pumps can be easily retrofitted or incorporated into new build and seamlessly combine with underfloor heating systems – making the best use of available space.

Installing heat pumps has a huge effect on running costs because they use renewable energy rather than fossil fuels – for example; a homeowner who has been heating their home with an oil boiler could typically save around £1,500 each year by installing a heat pump. Though heat pumps require electricity to run, the way they utilise this electricity means that they are a very cost effective and efficient way to provide your space heating and hot water requirements all year round.

In addition there are also the environmental benefits because heat pumps emit no noxious gasses or contain dangerous/explosive substances, making them much safer and sustainable. The price of fossil fuels is increasing because they are diminishing, so by installing a heat pump you would be future-proofing supply, whilst protecting against price increases and the environment for future generations.

Did you know:

Heat Pumps qualify for the Renewable Heat Inventive (RHI) – this government initiative is designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy systems in the UK. The incentive provides heat pump owners with quarterly tax free index payments for 7 years which help to recoup the cost of installation.

The rate of incentive will depend on the type of heat pump installed and the amount of renewable heat generated. To qualify and claim RHI payments you must be planning to live in the property, rather than building it for someone else.

Choosing the right partner:

When considering installing a heat pump and to get the most from it, the system must be sized and designed correctly – therefore it’s important to ensure that you choose a company that has the knowledge and experience to meet your requirements. At TUS we have a specialist renewables team on hand to advise from specification, right through to installation. And with our comprehensive range of heat pumps from industry leading manufacturers Hitachi and Stiebel Eltron, you will always find a solution for your budget.


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