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Underfloor Heating


Switching conventional heating for UFH?

Homeowners are increasingly opting for underfloor heating throughout their properties, particularly in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Depending on heat loss calculations in refurb or extension projects, it is possible that radiators can be removed completely and replaced with underfloor heating as the primary source of heat.

For a sole underfloor heating system to work efficiently it’s important to work with a reputable supplier who can design a system according to the needs of an individual property. A bespoke underfloor heating design will help you to understand whether the heat output from the UFH system will meet the heating requirements of the rooms/areas in question.
As a rule of thumb, the maximum heat output must be larger than the maximum heat loss in order to have
enough heat in the room.

For properties with existing conventional heating, our customers often wonder about installing underfloor heating or whether they should simply retain or update radiators. By replacing radiators with underfloor heating it is possible to increase the air quality in a property because convection heating moves dust and pollen around the property. Underfloor heating systems actually emit radiant heat and therefore create more even distribution of warmth throughout the rooms.

When it’s useful to have both types of heating…

If you are refurbishing rooms or areas where there is a central heating system already installed, it is usually more cost effective to retain the radiators (turned off) and to simply use the underfloor heating system as the main source – however your heat loss calculation will provide more guidance on this.

Unless there are huge budget constraints which prohibit the removal of an existing heating system, there isn’t really the need to have both types of heating systems. Underfloor heating will typically last as long as the flooring above it – so think of it as a smart move for your next project!

If you’d like more UFH info and a bespoke design why not call our Technical Sales Team on 01283 850040.