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At TUS, we are committed to offering the cleanest, most efficient heating technology to compliment our underfloor heating systems.

Renewable Energy Heating systems offer an attractive alternative to fossil burning gas, oil and electrical boilers especially when used in conjunction with our low temperature underfloor heating.

Benefiting from high efficiencies and low carbon emissions, Renewable Energy is clean and cheap to run.
In addition, it attracts government subsidy (RHI) to help offset extra cost of the equipment.

We are proud to offer several renewable heating technologies to sit alongside our underfloor heating systems including Air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and solar thermal kits.

We work closely with leading manufacturers such as Stiebel Eltron, Hitachi and Samsung to deliver a range of products and systems that cater for all applications and requirements.

Whether you are an experienced renewables installer or you’re looking to begin installing renewable products in the future we can offer a wealth of knowledge and support. Contact our technical sales team today for more information on our renewables systems – call 01283 850040 or email renewables@tus-ufh.com

MCS Umbrella Scheme

We have the “back office” expertise and knowledge to review your project and recommend the appropriate technology. Additionally, we can help size the equipment and produce a full specification and quotation.

Furthermore, for those not MCS accredited we offer an MCS Umbrella Scheme with optional installation support to ensure your clients are not excluded from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme.

For more information about our MCS Umbrella Scheme call our sales team on 01283 850040 or email renewables@tus-ufh.com

MCS Umbrella Scheme

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

RHI is a government run incentive scheme designed to encourage the take up of renewable energy by paying owners of eligible technologies for the renewable heat generated. In the case of domestic owners, payments are made over 7 years whilst commercial owners receive payments over 20 years. RHI is index linked to inflation.

For Domestic customers, there are two further qualifying criteria to gain acceptance onto the RHI scheme. Firstly, your property must have a compliant green deal assessment attesting to minimum insulation levels required within your property and secondly, you must have a valid MCS certificate. MCS certificates can only be issued by accredited installers or installers operating under an MCS accredited umbrella scheme. TUS is completely flexible in that we operate an MCS umbrella scheme allowing your chosen installer to do the work or we can recommend from our network of accredited installers.

Financial Benefit – Working Example
Mr X has renovated a barn and insulated the building up to current building regs. He had a Green Deal Assessment carried out indicating a heat load figure of 11,500kwh covering heating and hot water.
The cost of installing a 12kw Air Source Heat Pump and underfloor heating is £12,800 compared to around £7,000 for an oil heated system. (Diff = £5,800)
Mr X will save around £266 per year against the oil system. He will also receive £637 per year in RHI payments for 7 years. With total annual benefit of £903, the recovery period to reach parity with Oil system is £5,800 / £903 = 6.42 years. Thereafter, Mr X is £266 / year better off for the remaining life of the unit.

An air source heat pump will require extra investment in the short term, which you will recover in the medium term through cheap energy bills and RHI income. Over the longer term, on-going lower running costs will deliver a significant return on your investment, especially when substituting fuel sources such as solid fuel, oil, LPG or direct electric.

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