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PE-Xa Barrier Pipe 12x2mm

£56.50£169.49 +VAT


12mm PE-Xa barrier pipe suitable for use in Underfloor Heating and Wall Hung Radiator systems. Ideal for fitting to castellated panels or direct to insulation the PE-Xa pipe can be easily bent into position and held in place with clips.

Detailed information

TIOPEX crosslinked high-density polyethylene pipe is produced by IR/Peroxide method. Crosslinking is a process which transforms the chemical structure in such a way that the polymer chains are linked within themselves into a three-dimensional network through chemical connections. The result is a flexible thermoset polymer with improved mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. The crosslinked polymeric structure makes dissolution impossible unless its structures previously destroyed.

The properties of PE-Xa pipe make it the most flexible PE-X pipe on the market and offers a better resistance to stress than other PE-X pipes, produced by a different method, Silane or Electron beam, PE-Xb or PE-Xc,

respectively. TIOPEX is a PE-Xa pipe with thermal-elastic memory, a greater flexibility that avoids kinking, thus avoiding the risk of bottlenecks which reduce the flow and allows the optimi Sation of the installation process.

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