Manufacturer Focus: Heatmiser

At TUS we partner with leading manufacturers to bring you the latest underfloor heating products on the market. This article focuses on Heatmiser, the UK’s leading underfloor heating controls manufacturer.

One of our key suppliers is Heatmiser, who have grown to become one of the UK’s leading heating control manufacturers.

Choosing the right heating control brand…

All Heatmiser products are unique to them. It’s easy to source low cost thermostats and controls on the internet, but it’s not easy to develop a series of products that are not only straightforward to install and use, but are safe and reliable too. But by choosing Heatmiser, customers can be assured that all products undergo extensive testing throughout the design phase and they continue their strict standards in their manufacturing facility.

Leading the way…

Heatmiser focus a great deal of effort on their next generation products, ensuring that what they produce tomorrow hits the mark just right with customers – as well as welcoming them to share their own ideas via their Heatmiser online portal. Today, Heatmiser are leading the way in smart control and are arguably the preferred controls solution
manufacturer for many underfloor heating system providers in the UK.

There is an extensive range of Heatmiser control systems and products comprising of thermostats (dial, slimline, touchscreen, wireless and Wi-FI), central & app control systems, wiring & connection centres, as well as accessories such as: app controllable plugs and remote sensors. One of their best selling ranges is Neo – a collection of smart controls that offer customers the most innovative and efficient way of controlling their heating in their home.

Heatmiser have also developed Geo Location technology controls, which use your SmartPhone GPS to accurately determine your location. Neo and SmartSat will turn your heating down when you leave home and will have it cozy for when you return!

Heatmiser recognise that climate control is a specialised area and is not something the average homeowner knows a great deal about – so they have also invested in a support team who are on hand to guide end-users and installer partners through the options available when something doesn’t work as it should. The main aim of the support team is to help troubleshoot, ensuring the system is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Passionate about energy efficiency…

As we all know our planet’s resources are limited and emissions we are creating are having an enormous effect on our health and putting our planet at risk for future generations – we all have a responsibility to reduce our energy consumption wherever possible. Heating our homes accounts for more than 80% of our household energy use and so not only does reducing our energy usage make sense for our planet, it makes financial sense too. Heatmiser are using the very latest technology to provide customers with the smartest heating control solutions, solutions that enable homeowners to accurately control the heating in each room and from anywhere in the world to help
reduce their energy usage, whilst increasing comfort.

Your preferred distributor…

Being an official Heatmiser distributor, TUS will only add to all of the benefits of purchasing Heatmiser products – we are able to offer some of the most competitive prices on the market, backed by excellent customer service and fast delivery.

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