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Underfloor Heating


Introducing Gerpex

As part of our extended range we now stock the Gerpex Multilayer and Press Fittings Range

The pipe system has been designed for use with hot and cold water, heating, chilled water and compressed air systems.

The composite pipe can be used in both traditional branch plumbing and point to point plumbing in conjunction with Emmeti manifold systems. It is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial projects and is fully WRAS approved for use in hot and cold water supplies.

For branch plumbing applications, the system includes high quality metal press and compression fittings, together with tooling and a full range of accessories. Gerpex MLCP is also fully compatible with the Emmeti range of hot and cold water and heating manifolds for use in point to point installations using the patented Emmeti Monoblocco compression fittings.

The wide range of pipe sizes, fittings, accessories and various fastening options make the Gerpex system a complete and highly reliable solution for any project.


Key benefits for the Trade:

– Reduced installation time due to the reduced number of joints required.

– The pipe has linear expansion characteristics similar to copper and far superior to polybutylene and polypropylene, saving time and money during installation by reducing the need for additional expansion considerations.

– Product is light compared to copper or stainless steel and available in coils which are easier to store, transport and move around on site.

– Minimal tooling required – all that is required is a set of pipe cutters/shears, a calibration tool to prepare the end of the pipe and a press fit machine to complete the pressing process.

 Press fittings are quicker, easier and cleaner to install than soldered joints – which means that hot works and the need for hot works permits are eliminated. Ideal for more sensitive projects such as hospitals and laboratories etc.

– Longer lengths coils are available (up to 500mm in 16mm) which minimises wastage on large projects.

 Gerpex Press Fittings are produced from raw materials that are not subject to high variations in market price like copper etc. They are also made of high quality brass with a double 0-ring, designed in Italy – for that extra peace of mind.

– The pipe is very durable so it can be installed early in the build program, giving flexibility around planning on site.

– The pipe has low scrap value compared to copper etc., reducing the risk of theft from site.

– When compared to copper etc. the smooth interior surface of Gerpex pipe promotes the smooth flow of water – which in turn minimises running noise and maintenance requirements.

– The aluminium in the Gerpex pipe is picked up with a pipe detector – giving peace of mind when drilling or fixing into a wall or floor.

 Gerpex has WRAS approval for sanitary applications and a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar at 95°C, making the product suitable for a wide range of applications.


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