Controlling an UFH system – Hints & Tips

With temperatures set to plummet this month, we’ve got some useful underfloor heating controls tips for you to help educate your customers.


When the cold weather arrives we’re all guilty of turning our thermostats to maximum! Most people don’t even realise that tinkering with their heating controls results in higher costs and wasted energy. The best thing you can do is try to educate your customers on how to use the thermostat that you’ve installed. Thermostats are the most popular choice and whilst they help control the heating system, most of your customers will still be making costly mistakes when it comes to using them.

One of the biggest mistakes they’ll be making is overheating their home – therefore explaining how to set the correct temperature for each room is key to ensuring they experience the most
comfortable heating environment.


We’ve done our research! And it tells us that comfortable room temperatures should be set as follows:

Living rooms – 21°C 
Bedrooms – 18°C
NO rooms should ever exceed – 24°C


As you probably know basic central heating systems don’t usually allow individual room temperatures to be controlled because there is usually only one thermostat in the property. But the heating can still be controlled by setting the radiator valves at comfortable levels – with bedrooms one level under living rooms and the main thermostat being set at 20°C. This will ensure no overheating and that all rooms maintain a comfortable temperature. Additional tip – any rooms that aren’t used should always have their doors closed and radiators set to the lowest level!

Your customers are becoming savvier, busier and more cost sensitive. As a result our trade customers are finding themselves installing more programmable and SMART thermostats when upgrading heating systems (UFH and conventional) or installing underfloor heating for the first time.

At TUS we have a team of knowledgeable people that are able to recommend the most suitable thermostat from our range for your project and we are also able to answer any control questions you or your customers may have about using them.

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