6 Reasons Why Property Developers Prefer Underfloor Heating

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Once considered a luxury reserved for high-end developments, underfloor heating has evolved into a cost-efficient and straightforward solution for new and existing properties alike.

It is increasingly favoured by property developers over traditional radiator systems due to its numerous environmental and commercial advantages…

1 – Versatile for any project

Underfloor heating can be easily and affordably installed in renovation projects, thanks to a variety of retro-fit systems now available.

It is no longer seen as suitable only for new builds.

While underfloor heating systems are cheapest and easiest to install in new builds, there is a suitable UFH solution for any type of project.

These systems are more energy-efficient than traditional radiators.

Check out our full range of underfloor systems for new and existing properties here.

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2 – Speedy first-fix installation

Compared to traditional radiator systems, the swift and simple installation of UFH accelerates the build process for new developments.

The pipework can be laid quickly and seamlessly during the first fix phase accelerating the pace at which a heating system can be installed.

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3 – Ideal for heating large, open spaces

The trend for large, open-plan spaces has grown significantly in recent years and is a popular design feature in new homes.

Traditional radiator systems struggle to heat these spaces consistently and efficiently.

Underfloor heating systems provide the perfect solution, offering consistent heating for spaces of any size while maintaining optimal efficiency and comfort for the homeowner.

Additionally, they allow for greater interior design flexibility without the need for space-consuming radiators.

Creating larger living spaces for customers?

4 – Increased appeal for homeowners

Underfloor heating systems are undeniably a desirable addition to any home.

Research indicates that properties with UFH are more marketable, with potential buyers favoring homes equipped with this feature over those without.

A well designed and installed UFH systems provides enhanced comfort and luxury and is up to 25% more efficient than traditional radiators when used with a gas boiler.

When paired with renewable heat sources like air or ground source heat pumps, efficiency can increase to between 40-50%.

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5 – Energy savings for homeowners

Heating accounts for nearly a third of all household carbon emissions in the UK.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their energy consumption and the associated costs.

Replacing traditional radiators with low-carbon heating technologies, such as underfloor heating and heat pumps, offers both environmental and financial benefits for homeowners.

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6 – Essential for sustainable homes

Consumers are growing more conscious of sustainability within their homes and lifestyles, putting pressure on property developers to integrate more energy-efficient solutions that are future-proof.

Underfloor heating systems, especially when combined with air or ground source heat pumps, are an excellent solution for developers aiming to create more sustainable homes and comply with the Future Homes Standard.

If you are a property developer or heating installer and would like to discuss an upcoming project with us, please contact us or request a free quote.

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